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Saturday, March 18, 2006 

Coach Ray Meyer - Depaul University

Ray Meyer, March 6, 1978 vs. Il. State - Chicago, IL
As most of my visitors know, I know reside in Chicago and it is funny how the past creeps up on you in the middle of your life. This time in my sports life.

I remember on Saturdays that I used to love DePaul basketball in the days of Mark Aguire. He was a favorite of mine and I loved to watch the games as a kid in front of that 1970 RCA cabinet TV.

Depaul's has lost the only name in coaching that is associated with it's university.

We are sad to hear that Coach Ray Meyer has passed at 92. Boy, I had fun watching him coach and made me want to play the game in High School and on a recreational basis.

RIP Coach Meyer, he was 92.
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